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1 Corinthians 13:


7.  [Love] continuously covers all mankind; it is habitually loyal to all humanity; it constantly has an expectation for all mankind; it is continuously remaining under and giving support to all people.

(or, since “all” can also be neuter: It progressively puts a protecting roof over all things; it is habitually trusting in, and believing for, all things; it is continually hoping in or for all things; it keeps on patiently enduring all things.)

8.  The Love (or, again: This love) never – not even once – fails (falls out or lapses; = becomes fruitless or ineffectual; [other MSS: falls down; collapses]).

Matthew 5:8


8. "Those who are clean in the heart [are] happy and blessed, because they, themselves, will see God!

     (or: = The folks that have had the core of their

     beings made clean [are] happy people, in that

     they will continue to see God [in everything]!)

Matthew 5:3


3. "The destitute folks [are] happy in spirit because the reign of the heavens continually belongs to them

     (or: Blessed [are] those dependent for support on the Spirit, for the

     kingdom from the sky and the atmosphere is continuing to pertain to

     them; The people who need to beg for sustenance [are made] happy

     by the Breath-effect because the effect of the sovereignty of the

     heavens is being a source in and for them)!



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Psalm 19 (LXX)


Unto the Goal (Into the Midst of the Finished Product and Destiny; Pertaining to

Maturity and the End)

A Psalm by (or: for; pertaining to) David


1.  The skies (heavens; atmospheres) constantly set out, and continue fully describing in detail, an assumed appearance which is God (or: repeatedly relate, progressively tell, and keep on thoroughly declaring a glory of, and a reputation from, God), but (or: and yet) the effect of firmness and the result of solidity (or: the firmament) continuously recounts (proclaims again; reports back) a production of (or: a performing, a doing, a creating, a working, and a doing, from) His hands.


2.  Day to (or: by) day continuously discharges (spews forth) a result of the Flow (or: repeatedly utters an effect of a gush of what is, or was, spoken; habitually bubbles up a saying), and then night to (or: by) night continuously recounts (proclaims again; reports back) Gnosis (intimate, experiential Knowledge and Insight).

3.  Are there (or: they) not continual conversations (or: Do not chats and speeches continuously exist) and not also [are they/there] words (expressed thoughts; reasons; ideas; patterned messages, blueprints), from which, are not their voices (or: sounds; articulations) constantly heard (normally listened to and obeyed)?

4.  Their sound (tone; voice) goes forth (or: went out) into the midst of all the earth – and the results of the Flow (effects of the gush of utterances) into limits (boundaries) of the habitable earth (or: inhabited land).


5.  Within the midst of the sun He set (placed; pitched) His tabernacle (tent), and He Himself repeatedly emerges and journeys forth as (or: like) a bridegroom, from out of the midst of His bridal chamber; He will continually rejoice, as (or: like) a mighty one (a giant), to run His course (path; way; road).

6.  From an extremity (or: tip) of the sky (heaven; atmosphere) [is] His going forth (the exodus pertaining to Him), and the result of His arrival at the goal [is] as far as [another] extremity (tip) of the sky (heaven; atmosphere), and thus, there is no one who will continue hidden from His heat.


7.  The Law of (principle from; custom pertaining to) the LORD [Yahweh] [is] spotless (faultless; unblemished; blameless), progressively turning souls about (continuously converting consciousnesses; repeatedly turning [people] around); the testimony of (witness from; evidence pertaining to) [the] LORD [Yahweh] [is] faithful (trustworthy; reliable), progressively making infants wise.

8.  The effects of the rightful acts (or: the results of the just deeds and rightwising actions, which are the Way pointed out) of, from, and which are [the] LORD [Yahweh] [are] well-placed (rightly set for goodness), constantly giving the heart a good attitude and a healthy frame of mind; the implanted goal (imparted destiny; inner directive) of, from, and which is, [the] LORD [Yahweh] [is] shiny, bright and radiant (visible from afar), progressively giving light to (continuously enlightening; constantly illuminating) [the] eyes.


9.  The reverent respect (or: fear) of, from, and which is, the LORD [Yahweh] [is] pure, continuously enduring (constantly remaining throughout) on into an indefinite time period of an age (or: unto age [after] age; or: into a lifetime of [Messiah’s] Age); the effects of the evaluations and decisions of (results of the judgments from) [the] LORD [Yahweh] [are] true (valid; real), being those having been rightwised and turned in the right direction, upon itself (or: made just, in the Way pointed out, on the same [basis]):

10.  things to be fully desired (passionately rushed upon) over and above gold and much precious (valuable; worthy) stones – sweeter above (more than) honey and honeycomb.

11.  You see, even Your slave constantly keeps watch over, guards and maintains them; in the [situation] to habitually keep watch over, guard and maintain them, [there is] much pay-back (or: great corresponding reward or wage).


12.  Who will proceed making flow together, so as to understand, the effects of transgressions (the results of falls to the side [of the path])?  At once cleanse me from my hidden ones!

13.  Also, do spare Your slave from estranged folks (or: strangers; foreigners)!  If they cannot (or: would or should not) exercise lordship (dominion; mastery) over me, or take ownership of me, then I will continue existing being spotless (faultless; unblemished; blameless), and I will be progressively cleansed from a great failure (or: a great deviation; great error; great sin).

14.  And thus, the little words (expressed thoughts, reasons and ideas; blueprints) of, and from, my

mouth, as well as the meditation of my heart, will continue being unto good pleasure (approval; good form; an appearance of wellness; an appropriate opinion; a good reputation; a healthy imagination) in Your presence (or: before You, and in Your sight) through all situations and throughout all times, O LORD [Yahweh], my Helper (Aid; Assistant; the One who runs to the aid of my cry for help) and my Redeemer (the One who delivers and releases me by paying the ransom).


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